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It's easy to disappear in Link City, and Cathode, a washed-up systems runner, is trying to do just that. Once infamous as a co-creator of one of the most powerful computer infiltration systems ever devised, he's now running from his past. There are things there he'd rather not face, memories too painful to touch, and people he hopes to never see again. But while life in Link is cheap, living there most definitely is not, and Cathode barely manages to scrape by.

All this changes when he's offered a job big enough to lift him out of his downward spiral and give him the chance to wipe the slate clean. However, it will require him to reunite with the very partners he betrayed, and place him in direct conflict with the beautiful and deadly Lorelei, a mercenary who may not be what she says she is.

The clock is ticking. With everything hanging in the balance, Cathode realizes that the only person he can count on is himself.

But will that be enough?

Spindle is the brain child of three friends who met while living in Osaka, Japan:

Cailean Babcock, a computer animator.
Anthony Scott, a writer.
and Gary Spillman, a musician and photographer.

Inspired by cinematic masterpieces such as Blade Runner, Equilibrium and Strange Days, the music of Vangelis, the books of William Gibson, Japanese cyberpunk anime, classic computer technology and the memory of Cold War anxiety, we set out to make an original, science fiction movie filmed against the colorful backdrop of our amazing adopted city.

With the incredible support of our cast and friends (quite often the same people), Spindle was shot on weekends, nights and vacations, taking over two years to film.

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